Vinyl Flooring for Renovation

When is the best time to renovate your house?

(Almost) Never.

With semi-furnished residences blooming around the city, new home owners now move in at ease.

“Hang on! Does it mean I will never, in this lifetime, get to showcase my creativity with all those Pinterest-worthy interior ideas I’ve been secretly collecting for the past 5 years?”

You Can Still Live Closer To Your Dreams!

Here are 4 ideas recommended by Equewood on how to give your living space a fresh breath by only changing to Vinyl Floorings!

1. Spice Up Your Unit with Vinyl Flooring

You only have one lifetime. With home prices becoming increasingly unaffordable (unless it’s 10 miles away from work), give yourself a great place to rest after a hard day’s work. You’ll be surprised how a simple installation of Equewood Vinyl Flooring can do wonders to your room / sub-sale property!

Not your own house/condo?

Well, regardless how cliche it sounds: Home, is where you heart is, regardless it’s rented, loaned or owned.

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2. Increase Rented Property Value

Giving your house/condo a facelift adds value. Simple Equewood Vinyl Flooring installed for a sub-sale property instantly gives you extra leverage while negotiating for better price with potential, longer-lasting tenants.

To fight a price war is to create value.

What can you do for your unit now?

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3. Tight Budget? How About A Corner!

Not enough budget to renovate the entire house? Choose a portion of the house, such as the patio and covered balcony as your mini interior project and no hacking required!

If you’re worried about maintenance and robustness of the Equewood Vinyl Flooring, let our flooring experts demonstrate how all our products comes with water resistant and anti-scratch technology!

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4. More Than Vinyl Flooring

Get Creative! Given its lightness and diversity in patterns, Equewood Vinyl Flooring panels can be easily used to setup Event space, temporary stages, wall decor, dry toilet area and more!

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