Vinyl Flooring

For what vinyl flooring has to offer, you’d probably think the cost would be high. Well, you might need to reconsider that thought! We ensure you that Eque Wood offering you an array of vinyl flooring choices that are budget-friendly.

What is Vinyl Flooring?

Vinyl flooring is stable and long-lasting, giving you and your family comfort and safety. It’s quite popular option among homeowners, its water-and-stain-resistant and versatile. Besides that, Vinyl flooring is comfortable under foot and reduces noise, which can be an “add-point” for owners with kids and pets. It is so easy to install and maintain too!

However, the colours can fade with exposure to too much of direct sunlight, hence, it  is not recommended for outdoor uses.

Have you ever wondered why
Vinyl Flooring has higher demand?

That’s because Vinyl Tiles are covered by layers of special PVC sheets which are very protective to the floor surface from damage, hence the durability guaranteed.

Besides comfortable under foot and reduces noise, Vinyl flooring also comes in a broad range of natural patterns and colours to match every decor. So…definitely worth looking into as a flooring option!

Deco Tile Structure – 3mm

Deco Tile Structure – 2mm

Deco Tile Structure – 2mm

Why Choose Vinyl?

100% Made in Korea

Water Resistant

Termite Proof

Fade Resistant

Variety of Colour Choices

Fire Resistant

Slip Resistant

Abrasion Resistant


Lower Price

Check out the variety range we got to offer you

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