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Eque Wood is manufactured using natural timber, one of the world’s few renewable and sustainable natural resources. A variety of species are available from around the world with various cutting sizes to fulfil every customer’s requirement for design and style.

Eque Wood symbolized high quality solid timber products.

The development is not just based on understanding the hopes and appreciating the expectations of customers, Eque Wood is the culmination of valuable experience and proven expertise, expertly combined to give our customer Quality, Durability, Variety and No Anxiety.

100% Quality

Eque Wood is synonymous with premium quality solid timber flooring product, only the highest grade and best aesthetically appealing raw materials are used in the production. Eque Wood products meets or exceed globally recognized timber grading rules and standards such as those set out in the Japanese Standard, MGR developed by the Malaysian Timber Industry Board and and NHLA grading rules established by the National Hardwood Lumber Association, USA.

Manufactured using the world’s most advanced and precise moulding technology, utilization of this technology produces perfect fitting ‘tongue & grooved’ interlocking as well as S4S profile type timber strips without unappealing gaps.

100% Durability

Eque Wood products undergo proper Air and /or Kiln Drying Process to effectively reduce and control the timber Moisture Content. This process ensures dimension stability, increase levels of absorption and performance of timber floor coating as well as delivers a smoother finish.

Our judicious selection of timber specie ensures all Eque Wood timber comes with good stability and density. We also ensure the right timber strip dimension in relation to specific timber species. This simply means knowing and applying the knowledge that some wood species can have a wider cut; the wider the plank, the thicker the timber strip.

Eque Wood solid timber flooring can be refurbished many times over as it can withstand repetitive grinding, sanding and polishing process for many years to come.

100% Variety

Eque Wood comes in a variety of species, giving customer a wide selection of grain, choice of hue and texture. Every timber type has its own unique grain and character that creates different ambience and atmosphere to match design style requirement, from classical European, contemporary chic, traditional Balinese or zen-like Japanese.

Timber including Burmese Teak, Cherry, Ironwood, Merbau, Oak, Tamarind, Walnut are among the selection. Countries including Africa, America, Brazil, Europe, Indonesia, Malaysia and Myanmar are mainly the source of these raw materials originate from.

100% No Anxiety

We leave our customer anxiety free, a fact we are proud of. We thoroughly understand the character and nature of timber. We also identify that what differentiates the good and mediocre timber floor strips, is the processing. Timber processing is undoubtedly a crucial part in producing premium quality timber floor strips.

Eque Wood is processed and developed with sole emphasis on quality at every stage of production. From the initial stage of timber selection to the drying process and subsequent moulding, packing, right up to the proper storage and delivery of the timber strips.

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PEFC is the world’s largest forest certification system. PEFC’s credible standards seek to transform the way forests are managed globally – and locally – to ensure that all of us can enjoy the environmental, social and economic benefits that forests offer.

As the world’s largest forest certification system, PEFC remains the certification system of choice for small, non-industrial private forests, with hundreds of thousands of family forest owners certified to comply with our internationally recognized Sustainability Benchmark. View our certification here »

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