Laminate Flooring

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Laminate Flooring

What is Laminate Flooring?

Laminate Flooring is floor covering made of pressed wood. It has multi-layer of synthetic flooring products fused together with a lamination process. You will love it because it looks like wood, tile or stone, it is a photograph covered in a clear “wear layer”. It is durable to heavy foot traffic and is prone to humid air.

Laminate floors are reasonably easy for a DIY homeowner to install, hence it has grown significantly in popularity.

Product Structure

Laminate Flooring

Overlay (100% Europe Origin)

  • Highest Clarity
  • Above average IP-value
  • Moisture resistance

Decorative Paper (100% Europe Origin)

  • High precision printing
  • Realistic patterns & trendy design
  • Wide range of authentic wood decor designs.

Tropical Hardwood HDF (100% Malaysia Origin)

  • Low thickness swelling
  • High dimensional stability
  • Environmental friendly
  • Termite Resistance

Backer (100% Europe origin)

  • Superior moisture resistance
  • Dimensional stability

Why should you choose Laminate Flooring?

1. Environment friendly

  • It uses eco-friendly components
  • Water soluble Decorative paper are from Germany
  • Reusable wood chips
  • The packaging is recyclable
  • More than 6,000 hectares of managed forest to ensure the sustainability of fibre resources


  • Durable, long-term performance
  • Has better protective against moisture
  • Better dimensional stability
  • Easy to install and less sound upon installation

With The VEPS, it is trustable to have the reliability for the water-repellent finishing of laminate edges.

10 Years Manufacturer Warranty

Thanks to the core-board properties, it is scientifically proven to have resilient against termite attacks


  • Less complicated installation processes
  • High and long-term performance
  • Reusable
  • 100% Glue Free installation
  • Patent Protect – Patent No. MY 138886-A

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