Our Vision

To become the largest and most trusted flooring company in Malaysia.

Our Mission

We provide excellent quality and the most professional flooring decoration services for your home, office, company building, shopping malls, hotels etc. We aim to bring comfortable, attractive and durable flooring quality that can handle all facets of your life. 

We believe the best flooring is the fundamental of where relaxation meets activity and every steps on the floor is connected to the quality of life. 

With 20 years of professional timber flooring experience, we continuously strive to achieve greater heights in quality and after-sales services.

Eque-Wood T&G Sdn. Bhd. is proud to be a homegrown company, founded two decades ago by a man’s vision to help society build the ideal home living style.

Currently run by the family’s second generation, product ranges has been extended from solid wood flooring too various kinds of water-resistant vinyl tiles and outdoor flooring decks – further benefiting larger audience with smart budgeting packages.

Our professional team of flooring experts are always passionate to share their experiences and ideas!

Product specialist, skilful installers, quality maintenance and after-sales services. Each member of the team is a vital component, providing competent insights and personalised consultation in order to achieve the best comfort zone as required by clients – making homes and offices a better place to work and play.

Even though with over 20 years of experience under our belt, the team is still committed to seek perfection to meet the demands of each client.

Here are some of our experiences as one of the most dedicated flooring expert in town:

  • Single Bungalow Lot
  • School
  • Link House
  • Condominium
  • Commercial Building
  • Office premises
  • Stadium
  • Government Building

Let's get inspired!

Meet up with our flooring experts for insights and ideas on how to transform your home into an ideal.

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